3 Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship

Did it ever happen that you met a man and thought that everything was going great between the two of you? However as quickly as he came into your life, he was out the door!

Men and women have unique perspectives when it comes to relationships, Their outlook is different whether it is their first date or whether it comes to sleeping with their partner.

However, women must realize that when a man pulls away from the woman it is usually for a specific reason.

Here are the three mistakes women make that push a man away from them.

Becoming  too  clingy

One of the reasons why a man pulls away is when he feels that he is losing his independence. Men do like it if a woman is nice and affectionate with him and he realizes that he is on your mind. However, the moment he feels suffocated your over persistence and making him “your be and end all”, he will try to slowly pull away.

What’s worse is when you make it known that you’re falling for him, too quickly. Since men are looking for fun at the beginning of a relationship, letting him know that you’re already planning your future together will scare him away. Instead of showing your emotions too soon, it’s crucial that you remain calm, cool, and collected.

Importantly, if a man senses that a woman wants more from him and the relationship than he’s prepared to give, he will pull away.

Showing signs of insecurity

Some studies have reported that 97% of women are unhappy with their bodies at least once a day.

In terms of relationships, showing your insecurities is not a good idea. Of course, it’s good to be comfortable enough to talk about your various routines or the healthy eating kick you’re on with your man, but if you keep asking him nagging questions or constantly question his meeting or talking to other attractive women, he will give your relationship a backward step.

Therefore instead of projecting your insecurities too often, it would be better to project the enjoyable, lovable and happy go lucky side of you. He will fall for this in no time.

Putting too much pressure

If he feels pressured too often to keep you happy always, then that is like putting too much responsibility on him. It not only shows your overdependence but also an encroachment into his independence.

Instead enjoy living your life with him with a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Smile and do those things which you love doing. It will definitely improve the overall quality of your relationship.

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