How To Approach A Woman The Right Way

Many men feel that the act of approaching a woman is a difficult and embarrassing one especially if she is a very beautiful stranger. Not only that, they usually choose the wrong attitude of being too nice and over openhanded with flowers, invitations for dinners, and expressing their lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

The women on their part are not fascinated insecure, hypocrite, wussy men. They will either decline him on the spot or possibly more shocking take advantage of the situation exploiting him to furnish her meal after meal, gift after gift, and normally go out with an additional man for real love, romance, and sex. In this situation, the woman has two men a provider and a lover.

The good boy, fawning, wussy approach may be seen whenever a man is inviting a woman to dance or offer to pay for her drinks without first trying to develop the attraction or chemistry.

The sweet boy attitude isn’t the best way as we explained before and acting really mean and rude will not succeed well. The best way which has proven 90% of the time to work magically with women is the confident, bold, cocky, and funny attitude.

In this tactic you build the relationships on a give and take, a compliment and a bust (with a smile), you indicate the woman you’re confident enough to criticize her, you express yourself naturally around women, you are not scared of her, you are not concerned if she cares about you or not, you are honest and express your opinions openly, you are playing the self-assured hard to get a funny guy. Now you bring her self confidence to the test, you challenge her, you intrigue her, you build the attraction. Let her chase you! You ought to be her prize, a reward for her hard-earned efforts for playing her cards right with you.

For instance, you start and say something like: I like your jacket it’s really nice (a compliment), then comment: but it doesn’t fit so well with your shoos does it? (a bust), you do it on purpose, you should practice on it.

You must manipulate her like hand it to her and then take it away at the last minute, be spontaneous, unexpected, a teaser, and fascinating.

How would you know if she is interested in you?

It is simpler than you believe and it goes like that: 

You engage with her: What a beautiful pair of boots you are wearing, I really like them, 

She is looking at who is it and then says: Thank you. 

You: arent you melting in them at such hot weather? (smiling) or are you trying to hide your feet from me? 

She: (smiling) hell, no, I love them that’s all, I’ll bet my feet are nicer compared to yours, Mr. long nose. (she responded therefore she is engaged too *-). 

You: wow, I understand you own a very good opinion about yourself, pretty lady, why won’t we arrange a feet contest…

The crucial thing is to keep it going with a light humoristic and fun attitude. Without ever even realizing it you are both engaged in developing a relationship and building your mutual attraction.

When you start dating with a woman take into account you are not on a job interview, don’t cause it to feel like questions and answers, don’t make it boring, don’t try to show off, talk with her about general stuff she understands and sympathizes with, such as popular Television shows and such, it can look to you at the beginning somewhat superficial but this is the way to take. Try to keep away from, at least at first, to talk about your problems at work, your relations with your parents, etc’.

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