How To Capture A Man’s Heart

Whether you’re looking for a long-term companion, or already have one, it pays to have the right communication habits in a relationship.

One vital thing about men is they don’t always know how to say what they’re looking for in a partner.

Many guys never exactly learned about showing their emotions as youngsters. So it can be difficult for them to let their partner know about their needs.

And this causes misunderstandings and also unfulfilled expectations, which can place a wedge between you two.

Thankfully, I’m here to give you an inside look at exactly how men think about relationships. Drawing from my own  experience and from  coaching  thousands of men and women, below  are the Top 5 Habits  That Make Men  Crazy About You:

# 1: The Right Way To Play Hard To Get 

Ok,  this might sound like familiar territory, but listen up.

A lot of women (and guys !) try to make somebody want them putting on a distant-but- I-might-be-in -to-you kind of act.

Likewise, they might wait a few days before replying to messages so they don’t look desperate. Worse,  they pretend they’re too busy, hoping it’ll make the other person more curious about them.

But this technique often backfires.

Doing this sends mixed messages  – and he’ll eventually get sick of this stilted act.  

There’s no problem showing interest in a person when you’re curious, so there’s really no need to mess each other around like this.

Rather, you can play a different kind of game  — one that focuses on authenticity and at the same time triggers his curiosity.

Give your man signs that you like him, and be enthusiastic when you’re together. Experts find that a man begins falling for a woman as soon as they recognize that they are wanted.

Regarding  “playing hard to get”, it’s about actually being busy. 

Engage with all parts of your life… including your career, your friends, hobbies and interests, and all those things that make up a balanced and engaging life. 

If enjoying your life means that you’re unavailable every so often, that’s fine.

Richard Wiseman, who wrote the book  “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute”, researched further into this.

He discovered that individuals who played hard to get gave the impression that they are a scarce resource. However, they ADDITIONALLY  needed to be enthusiastic about the other person to be attractive.

In this way, it placed the subject in a more balanced and attractive light.

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# 2: Light His Fire

In short, you need to generate intense emotions within a guy while he’s with you. He’ll then associate those emotions with you, which naturally intensifies the urge to be with you.

In an MIT study, behavioral researchers found that people have an automatic reaction of projecting their emotions from one setting to the next.

What does this mean?

As an example, imagine you nearly struck another car while driving to work,  you would transfer those traumatic feelings with you into the office. That previous, unconnected experience would be with you during the remainder of your day.

Some call this  “emotional misattribution” or “emotional leakage ” – our natural tendency to attach salient feelings to another person, even if they had little to do with it.

Likewise, this means that becoming physically aroused can quickly translate into a sexual attraction. So, if you can find ways to keep shared experiences exciting for him – like going on an outdoor adventure or something physically stimulating — then he’ll latch those feelings onto you.

# 3: Laugh When He Tells A Joke

For sure, a lot of women responded to this suggestion with a raised eyebrow.

But hear me out – this might just be a game-changer for your relationship.
To start with, you don’t have to be rolling on the floor with tears in your eyes. 

But feel free to let him know when his attempts to amuse you succeed. 

Studies show that humor is a big aspect of intimacy. As you already know, women are attracted to guys that are funny as it’s a sign of intellect  (which is an alluring attribute ).

Researchers from   Westfield State College, University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University found  that “men preferred those who were receptive to their own  humor,  particularly for sexual relationships.”

This appears like it’s not just about treating a person’s ego with kid gloves … but more about a guy’s need to be appreciated his partner.

You would be amazed at the proportion of guys who tell me  “being valued”  is among the top priorities in a future relationship for them.  So, appreciating his humor and personality is a good place to begin.

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# 4: You And Your Crew

According to several behavioral studies, you can be more appealing socializing with your friends. 

As an example, there’s research from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of California which  both document  what’s called  “The Cheerleader Effect.”

This basically says that somebody’s opinion of you changes positively once you’re seen to be in a group. 

On the surface, you may assume it’s because you’ll appear more sociable and charming. 

However, there’s an additional angle to it. You see, the human mind has a habit of classifying individual elements  (like shapes, objects, and people) into a basic group.

This is a hardwired survival habit to not concentrate only on one thing  – but rather the whole picture  (similar to peripheral vision). And this impulse also applies to our assessments of other people. 

So as a tip, you can set your Facebook  (or online dating) profile picture to a picture featuring you with a group of friends. Just make sure it’s clear where you are in the picture so you don’t disappear in the sea of faces!

Planning to find a new guy in an event? Bring some of your close friends with you!  Social proofing is a powerful attraction-enhancer, so make the most of it.

# 5: Appeal to  His Sensual Appetite

There’s really no surprise here. Sensual intimacy is a key step in building your connection. 

However, you’d be stunned  — and even downright worried  — at the number of women lacking in this area.

A lot of them take for granted the power of feminine charm to win a man over.

And no,  I’m not saying you need to act out an adult film.

I’m telling you to get aware of his desires. 

For instance, some women undervalue the immense power of physical touch.

Many guys go their whole lives without experiencing the pure pleasure of a validating pat on the back, a hug, or other types of love. 

So using body language is a great way to spark a deeper connection  — whether it’s brushing against his arm or leg “unintentionally ” …

… or placing your hand on his arm for a few precious seconds.

Remember, men  like  the flirty chase, and the delicious  pleasure of  the “slow burn.” 

One more point  – there’s an additional quality  I forgot to mention earlier, but it’s unbelievably powerful.

Research  done at  Rutgers University found a unique  emotional  trait  in guys  known as   an “emotional  tripwire.”

When you understand exactly how this functions  – and how to use it (which is extremely simple  ) …

… your man will immediately enter a state of extreme infatuation.

It’s like a splinter in his brain, and he’ll be unable to think about any other women in a romantic way — except  YOU.

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