How To Create A Beautiful Relationship With A Girl

All women want a long relationship and you want to give them exactly that.  You are interested in her pleasure, her needs, and you are not just focused on what you want from her. You really like her, not just her physique.  You know for yourself what you are capable of giving her.

What a woman wants from you, is to be a strong man who cares honestly about her. The difference between women and men is that a woman communicates more often her emotions and feelings. That is what she wants from you.

You don’t have to be a macho man. It’s good to have the initiative and be responsible, but if you always dominate, on the contrary, it may show that you are insecure!

A woman feels good in the places she likes, take her there. Take her there without feeling hurt your dominant male pride. Where it feels good, maybe it’s a more intimate place, and maybe it will open much easier and you will be surprised that sometimes things move even faster this way.

The first few dates are important, it is the period when a woman is attentive to how you treat her. It is important not to argue with her during this period, to have a beautiful harmony between you two. This is the sorting period when most men fail the tests and this is the most likely period when a girl gives the slip because as you behave during this period she thinks that you will continue to behave.

Be open with it, be authentic, without magic. You want a relationship with her, not easy prey. A woman can read very easily if you really like her or not and if you just want to use her or you really like her and you want her completely.

Become sincerely interested in knowing her world and getting involved in it.  Also let her know your world, involve it in your activities, in your program.  Get to know her circles of friends and get to know her circles. She wants to know that you are happy to have her as your girlfriend and if she cares about you she will be proud that you are her friend.

Get to know her in as many ways as possible and try to understand her without judging her. Be sincerely interested in knowing her, make her feel SPECIAL (very important) and you will be special for her. If she has what she wants, be sure that you will receive a tenth from her.

When you discover what you have in common and do them together, these things will bring you much closer,  Stop thinking about how to get to bed with her as soon as possible. Most of the time the exact opposite will happen. Relax with her, feel good, and let things come naturally. This does not mean that you do not have to take steps towards this… you just have to do them without necessarily having a clear expectation. Say to yourself, “It doesn’t have to happen tonight,” and a smile will be better. If you satisfy her emotional needs, after the emotional approach the physical one is natural and will happen.

Accept yourself with qualities and defects. This shows that you are mature and you know what you want and yes! that’s appealing to a woman. Be yourself with her, without fears, with vulnerabilities. A strong emotional man is one who knows his weaknesses (vulnerabilities) and is honest with them. A man who refuses that he has no defects turns them into complexes and can become aggressive or internalized.

Enjoy every moment with her. It’s you, her and the rest of the world… Enjoy your world. Beautiful memories are treasures in a person’s life. Cherish them!

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