How To Get Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again

If you have broken up with your partner and are desperate to get them back, you are probably wondering, how can I make my ex love me again, and whether this is really possible. Well, the good news is that yes it certainly is possible to make your ex love you again. If they fell in love with you in the first place, then they can fall in love with you again, but you have to know the right steps to take to make your ex love you again.

If you have been in constant contact with your ex since the breakup, arguing with them and pleading and begging them to take you back, this must stop immediately. Arguing, begging and pleading are only pushing your ex further away from you and reinforcing their belief that they were right to break up with you.

So the first step you must take is to make yourself totally unavailable to your ex and cut off all contact with them. When you suddenly cut off all contact with your ex-partner this will totally shock them. Because even though they have been rejecting you, they were probably secretly enjoying all the attention you have been giving them. This has been a great boost to their ego and has made them feel wanted and very special. They have been so used to you being around at their beck and call that now they will feel totally bemused that you have suddenly disappeared and become unavailable to them.

It is human nature to want what we cannot have and when your ex realizes that you are no longer available, they will start to question whether the break up was such a good idea. They will start to think about you and remember the good times you once shared together and they will begin to miss you.

The second step you must take is to sharpen up your appearance and look sexy again. All too often in a long-term relationship, people tend to become complacent and let themselves go. So if you have become lax in your appearance and maybe gained a few extra pounds it’s time to go to the gym and get back into shape. Exercise will do you good because it will increase your energy level and boost your “feel good” hormones.

Remember all the time and effort you took with your appearance when you first met your partner? You must make that effort again and look your stunning best.

The third step you must take is to be friendly but unavailable, this will drive your ex mad! After a couple of weeks if your ex-partner contacts you, be very friendly and happy to hear from them but remain distant and aloof. Tell them it’s great to hear from them but you are very busy right now. Keep the conversation very short and ask them to call back next week when you will have more time to talk. This will give your ex-partner a whole week to think about you and wonder what on earth you have been getting up to.

Remember people always want what they cannot have, so if you follow my advice and make yourself unattainable, you will be well on the way to making your ex love you again.

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