How To Revitalize Your Love Chemistry

You have the ability to radiate and revitalize your love vibe to attract more desirable experiences. When you feel loving, you will attract more love. Feeling good about yourself attracts others to you.

1. Feel Motivated and Enthusiastic About Life and LOVE

When your energy goes into all of your relationships it makes it hard to focus on you and what you want to create. It becomes challenging to maintain balanced emotional, mental, and physical health. When your energy is engaged in an unhappy or abusive relationship with a negative thinking or a misbehaving person, you are vulnerable to illness and exhaustion. So much of your vital force goes into making things right that you become depleted.

2. Release Unwanted Thoughts

When you think about your past problems, your energy goes into them. Have you spent time thinking ahead of yourself into the future preparing, planning, or worrying about what is yet to come? When you jump into the past or future events or situations it is difficult to appreciate and make the most of the present moment. What you think about; you bring about. When you spend time on unwanted thoughts or feelings it leaves less energy for you to just be.

3. Love Energy is Intoxicating

Can you remember feeling in love? Love energy is intoxicating. Access that intoxicating love energy to incorporate positive, loving feelings into your life. Connecting to a loving feeling creates a feeling of safety and support. When you feel safe, you release anxiety, awkwardness, and uneasiness, allowing your natural sexual expression to flow easily.

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4. Increase Your Vibrant LOVE Essence

Reclaiming your energy will not only help stop unwanted thoughts, but it will also decrease confusion and increase your ability to communicate with your own inner voice. To reclaim your own energy from people, places, and situations, visualize a shimmering golden sun above your head. Allow it to magnetically reclaim your energy from places where you left it. Then, with your imagination, bring the golden sun down into your body, replenishing all the cells of your body. Imagine yourself engulfed with this powerful, vibrant essence of YOU.

5. Revitalize Your Self Any Time, Any Where

You can replenish yourself all day long. While standing in a stagnant grocery line, after a grueling energy-zapping meeting with your boss or during a soccer game with the kids, you can replenish your energy. Revitalize your drooping spirit any time during the day or while practicing the relaxing exercises in this book. You can re-energize yourself as often as desired. Begin to feel lighter, more alive, relaxed, and calm as you reclaim more of your energy. There is an infinite amount of energy you can reclaim for yourself.

When you have more of our own vital energy in your energetic space and body, you build momentum and attract more of what you desire. With practice, your energy becomes more powerful and magnetic. Without effort, you develop clarity, and effortlessly become what you want. Your natural effervescence will begin to bubble up as you release accumulated stress and radiate your natural sensuality.

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