Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship can be a challenge. It takes two mature people who are able to communicate in order to make it work. In this article, we have outlined some of the things that you can do to make your relationship not only survive, but thrive. A few of the most common problems couples face and how to avoid falling into the same traps in your relationship are also given below.

One of the first things you and your partner need to do to ensure the continued strength of your relationship is to make sure you are both on the same page. Make sure you agree on whether or not you have an exclusive relationship. If one partner thinks it’s ok to date while you are apart and the other one is staying monogamous, the relationship is doomed from the start.

For the most part, a couple won’t even contemplate a monogamous long-distance relationship unless both parties feel the relationship has the potential to be a long term one. There is no sense making this type of commitment unless you both feel that the other person might be ‘the one’.

Another thing you and your partner need to do is to make sure you have good communication skills. When you are far away from each other for extended periods of time, and you can’t have physical contact, you will have to rely solely on your communication skills to continue to build your relationship.

That is why long-distance relationships, when they last, are some of the best relationships around. The couple has to learn to communicate effectively to make it work, and they don’t get distracted all the physical attraction. They are able to connect on a deeper level which can often lead to a more fulfilling relationship.

If you are an insecure person, though most people won’t admit it if they are, you should avoid getting involved in a long-distance relationship. Being in this type of relationship requires a great amount of trust, typically people who are insecure see a threat everywhere, even where there isn’t one.

If you and your partner are overly suspicious, not only will your relationship be a constant battle, it will also be unlikely to work. No good relationship can be based on suspicion and insecurities.

You and your partner also need to be careful of the temptation to have a ‘fling’ with someone while away from your partner. Unless you both agree in advance that some extracurricular activity is ok (and if that’s the case why bother pursuing a long-distance relationship in the first place) then you should stay faithful to your partner.

If you want to maintain your long-distance relationship you have to know ahead of time that it will be a challenge and you and your partner both have to be committed to making it work, but if you follow this long-distance relationship advice you and your partner have a real shot of having a long term loving relationship.

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