Move On From Your Ex To A New Relationship

You are out from a long time relationship; no matter if she left you or you have left her. You are free now to do what you want and to meet who you want when you want.

After a while, you feel that you are ready to get into a new relationship. You even met a nice girl who looks like she is interested in you. Slowly, things are getting more serious and you get to know your new partner better.

But something is bothering you, and you don’t know what it is. Then you realize that she is not doing things like you were used to be done, she is not doing things like your ex used to make them (it’s not about all things, but those you loved about your ex).

A few days back I met a friend of mine I haven’t seen for a long time. It was a surprise for me when a nice girl comes up to us, and he introduces her to me as his girlfriend. I never knew that he had broken up with somebody else, who much sexier and feminine

After his new girlfriend left, I asked my friend what happened with his ex and how things are going on in his new relationship. He told me that he is in this new relationship for over 7 months, his girlfriend is a nice woman and he has nothing negative about her.

But, something seemed to be missing. He had enjoyed the company of his beautiful ex and liked her womanly qualities. He confessed that he was missing those qualities and finding it difficult to stay without those enjoyable moments.

I could not suppress my smile and surprise when he told me “If I could take my ex-girlfriends qualities and put them next to my new partner’s qualities it would make the perfect women for me.” But how good it could be if we would be able to make the perfect woman? Not so good as we all think, believe me. I say it all the time, perfection is boring!!

So, rather than sitting and just admiring certain qualities, you have to understand the reasons for the breakup in the first place, even though you must have been in a relationship for many years. If you keep thinking about the beautiful qualities of your ex, it could be a major threat to your new relationship!

Move past your old relationships and enjoy the company of your new girl who brings her own personal touch to your relationship and builds upon those qualities to strengthen and bond your togetherness for a long time to come.

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