Ten Quick Tips On How To Get Active In The Dating Scene Again

If you are in a situation where you have got out of a long-term relationship or going through a low phase in your relationship because of your busy schedules, then the following will help you revive the relationship actively again.

Here are the ten quick tips on how to get active in the dating scene again.

    1) MEET YOUR FRIENDS: Plan to go out with your friends for a night out. After being isolated from the world for so long, it’s time for you to meet up with a couple of your close friends just like in the old times. This will help you become more sociable.

    2) WIDEN YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK: You need to widen your social network and make new friends. Go to parties, join a few clubs…go volunteer somewhere. I guarantee you will meet many women on the way.

    3) FLIRTING IS IMPORTANT: From now on, you should be flirting with every girl you meet – just for fun.

    4) BE PLAYFUL: This goes hand in hand with flirting. Personally, I think this is the MOST important thing to do if you would like to get your groove back. Perhaps you have got so busy with your work, that you have forgotten to be playful! So work on getting your playful self back.

    5) FORGET THE PAST: You can’t exactly move on with your life if you’re still hung on the idea of getting your ex back. So MOVE ON. Always look towards your FUTURE, not your past.

    6) TAKE THINGS SLOWLY: Don’t hurry into another relationship yet. Enjoy your single life. See it as a FREEDOM you have earned!

    7) CLEAN UP YOUR HOUSE: Reorganize your furniture. Throw out all the “old stuff” you have. This will help you remove the excessive baggage in your life and make room for the new.

    8) LOOK AT THE BRIGHTER SIDE: Move about and explore the world outside. See what a beautiful world this is. Life is more than JUST about love. You’ve gotta understand that before you can get into another relationship.

    9) RAISE YOUR STANDARDS: Raise your standards and be pickier with the women you stay. Only date girls that are BETTER than your ex.

    10) GO TO THE GYM: Working out can make you feel better about yourself.

    And most important of all…


Merely hanging around and wishing something to happen or luck will come your way is not going to help you in any way. You will either wind up being lonely for a long time or you will wind up with a woman that you don’t really enjoy that much…which means you’re going to be trapped in another “painful situation” down the road.

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