His Secret Obsession James Bauer – A Honest Review

It is very rare to see a book or a guide that reveals strategies for women to seek love. One such book is His Secret Obsession James Bauer. The book claims to uncover the real key to a man’s heart. And once you understand what it is, you’ll have no problem making him yours … forever.

It’s a book of effective new dating strategies for women backed up hard psychology.

Here is His Secret Obsession James Bauer – A Honest Review

Who Is James Bauer?

James Bauer is a dating and relationship expert who has authored self-help books that focuses on building strong and lasting connections. His training and experience has allowed him to help women all over the world to develop a fresh perspective about their relationships. Bauer has begun promoting his techniques through self-propelled courses to allow women to learn on their own, at their own pace. Bauer is also the creator of  BeIrresistible.com, a website that offers free information about self-improvement and relationship advice.

He’s a legit relationship coach with over a decade worth of experience working with both men and women. He’s helped them to overcome their relationship and personal problems so that they’re able to forge better, longer lasting connections with the opposite sex.

His Secret Obsession – What is it all about?

His Secret Obsession James Bauer is a powerful relationship guide that is available in downloadable PDF or audiobook versions. It is currently the most popular dating guide for women available online. The reason being that it reveals the surprising truth about what really drives men in romantic relationships. It also provides a practical blueprint for women to win the affection of their guy.

Some of the issues it tackles include:

o             Why men can lose interest in a woman after the initial attraction wears off

o             Why men are reluctant to commit long term, even when the early signs of relationship seem so promising

o             Why men can pull away suddenly and stop communicating with their partners.

o             Why men keep you around even though they don’t want a relationship

According to him men are driven instinctive needs, even if they are not consciously aware of them.

James Bauer calls this ‘The Hero Instinct’. And he claims that it’s up to women to bring this to the fore. In fact, he says a man will be drawn to any woman who makes him feel it. This instinct claims to be the answer to getting men to commit to women — to helping you lock down that elusive relationship.

o             The main book His Secret Obsession is broken down into 2 parts and 17 modules.

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Here’s an overview of what you’ll get.

Part 1: The Hero Instinct

Here, James Bauer introduces the hero instinct. He calls it the biggest secret in evolutionary psychology and the key to attracting and keeping a man.

You’ll learn what the hero instinct really means, how it’s hardwired into men, and how it can help you in your relationship with a man.

There’s a lot of interesting psychology in this section. If you’re a woman, it will help you understand men better. It even helped me understand myself better and what drives me on both conscious and subconscious levels.

o             Part 2: The practical strategies

In the second part of the book, James Bauer reveals the tips and techniques you need to trigger the hero instinct in your guy.

This section is your ‘blueprint’ for applying the theory you learned at the beginning. For me, these tips and techniques were the golden nuggets of the book.

The Hero Instinct in a nutshell:

•             A man wants his life to be meaningful

•             A man wants a clear purpose in his life

•             A man wants to feel like he is appreciated for all that he does

•             A man wants to be the provider in a relationship – he wants to take care of you and his family

•             A man wants respect

James Bauer says his strategies work in all stages of a relationship, including the:

  • Attraction stage: Bauer offers techniques to initially attract a man.
  • Dating but falling apart stage: You’ll be given the psychological insights you need as to why men will often pull away in relationships, particularly in the early stages.
  • Re-spark stage: You’ll understand why so many men get cold feet in a relationship and the specific techniques to spark back his interest in you.
  • Ex-back stage: This is a great section for anyone who wants to get their ex back. You’ll get tips to make it seem like it’s the exciting initial stages of dating when you meet your ex again.

The book gets you to question that line of thinking. Have a think about all the men you know, and then think about their core actions. What really motivates them? Is it purely and simply just sex, beer and sports? Or do they want something more out of life?

His Secret Obsession, highlights what The Hero Instinct is, and then shows you that you need to understand a man’s need for respect, meaning and purpose if you’re to get anywhere with him.

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For Whom Is His Secret Obsession For?

His Secret Obsession is for women who want proven techniques to get men to commit to them. It’s that simple.

If you’re a woman who has been burned dating in the past—be it a man who ghosted you, or maybe got cold feet later into the relationship— then His Secret Obsession will help you avoid this happening again.

Or if you’re currently in a relationship, but you want to make it better truly understanding what’s driving him, then you will also benefit from it.



With over 200 pages, bonus materials, and a workbook, there’s plenty of information to sort through. For some that can be overwhelming, but for me it never felt like a chore to read through it all.

I learned a lot about how women should approaching dating and relationships and, surprisingly, I also learned a lot about myself.

The advice is practical

Throughout the book, James Bauer talks about the things women need to do to trigger a man’s hero instinct. You’ll learn the exact phrases, texts, and little requests you can use to do this.

He also uses real-world examples of women who have achieved incredibly successful outcomes adopting these methods.

Remember James Bauer has worked with countless clients over the past 12 years and has seen first hand how his techniques work in reality. His methods are research based

Every claim in the book is backed up. For instance, each time he talked about why a man wants to feel like a protector or how a woman “claiming” you is a turn on for a guy, he backed it up with evidence.

Although there were a few times I thought something probably wouldn’t work on me, the reasoning behind it was always sound.

It’s easy to download

Because His Secret Obsession is an eBook, you don’t have to wait to get it in the mail. You can start reading it immediately.

There’s a money back guarantee

Not everyone will love every dating guide out there, but with this one, there’s no risk. With a 60-day money back guarantee, there’s not really anything to lose out on.


It’s only on eBook/audio

For some people, a true book is a paperback. But His Secret Obsession is only available eBook and audiobook.


His Secret Obsession contains the wisdom of a relationship expert with 12 years in the industry, as well as tips and strategies based on concrete human psychology.

I learned a lot about myself and the things I subconsciously desire as a man, and I can only imagine how helpful this will be for women too.

If you’re struggling to get a man to commit or want a better relationship, His Secret Obsession may just become your secret weapon.

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