What Is Love

One of the most simple question with a difficult answer is “What Is Love”? The word Love is something we use very commonly, read, and referred so often that we do not actually understand much of the meaning that goes with it. Let us pause for a moment to think about what is love. Is love an emotion, expression, relationship, commitment, or something else?

What exactly happens when someone falls in love? Watch out for somebody who is in love. Watch their expressions, movements, eyes, smiling, dreaming, thinking, body language, excitement, or something else. Yes, it could be one of this or all of these.

Or have you observed the excitement of seeing somebody getting ready to meet the beloved? Every task is completed fast, there is a sense of hurry, eyes shine bright and look excited thinking of the time ahead. The pulse visibly goes up, and the movements are very fast, signaling a sense of hurriedness to meet the beloved. To meet, share, and walk hand in hand. Why? Its Love!

But what is love?

All kinds of answers unfold if you ask someone this question. Answers such as he or she is dearest to my heart. I feel a heavenly presence. Life cannot be without each other. It is difficult to explain, or you will not understand, etc., etc.  For that matter, somebody will tell you “I can’t live without him/her”! The more you probe you will get answers which actually make no sense.

Interesting answer, but nothing specific about what precisely is love.

Let us attempt to answer this. I would say, Love, is an emotion that binds one person to another in a relationship that cannot be described. The depth of the emotion is so much that lovers find it difficult to stay away from each other. They do all kinds of things to make each other happy. In fact, they will sacrifice anything to keep their flame of a relationship burning and ensuring it never fades or dies.

Love is an emotional experience in a relationship. It is difficult to express those emotions in words.  Just as you cannot explain the taste of sugar or water to anyone, love is difficult to be explained in words. Only those who have tasted love will know about it without being able to explain it. So for one to understand it, the person has to get a taste of love and go through that experience. Enjoy the bliss that comes with it.

To understand more, please fall in love at the earliest opportunity!!

Well, wondering how to do that? 

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