Why Do We Date?

We have what can be regarded as some of the most bizarre mating rituals in the animal kingdom as humans. Most organisms only interact sexually with others in order to reproduce. Apart from the urge to preserve the species, they have no other emotional connection that will bind them together for the remainder of their lives. However, this does not imply that all animals are like this; there are certain species that do mate for life, but their prevalence is rather low.

You may argue that many animals have mating practices that are comparable to ours. Some male birds display their vibrant plumage in an effort to attract a female, but is this actually dating or simply another kind of courtship? In the end, isn’t seducing the person we’ve been eyeing what going on dates is all about?

Dating is a type of seduction, but for us human beings, it can occasionally take a lot longer to get the intended outcomes. With the exception of humans, dolphins, and some primates, there is a specific period of the year when seduction and mating can occur throughout the animal kingdom. Animals mate to perpetuate their species, not just for fun. The desire to survive as a species is what motivates most animals.

The entire ritual of courtship and seduction has reached new heights thanks to humans. Just consider everything we do to make an impression. We want to impress them, but why? We believe that if we don’t try our hardest to woo them using a variety of dating gimmicks and strategies, someone else will, and that is simply unacceptable.

Why do we date, then?

To arouse the interest of someone? Definitely, in that case. Other than doing that, I can’t think of any other reason to invest that much time and money.

To maintain the human genus? This query is much more personal. Do we really need more people living on the planet?

That is questionable. The bulk of people, in my opinion, do it more selfishly because they want a successor to carry their family name into the future.

purely for enjoyment? Here’s even more angle to consider it from. Making new friends is enjoyable. especially if you find yourself drawn to them. Dating is enjoyable since it teaches us completely new ways of thinking and behaving toward others.

The answer to this question is very difficult. it’s a fundamental aspect of what makes us human.

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