His Secret Obsession – Relationship Guide For Women

His Secret Obsession’s Author James Bauer is a certified psychologist with years of relationship consulting experience. Over the course of his more than ten years of experience in the disciplines of dating counselling and couple coaching, Bauer has collated the knowledge he has gained from his interactions with men and women. In his best-selling book, His Secret Obsession, he outlined everything.

It offers advice on dating and falling in love and is targeted toward female readers. Women who wish to learn how to understand a man’s thoughts and become his “secret obsession” should read this book. Its goal is to establish dependable, long-lasting alliances. It acts as a manual for women on how to handle men from the beginning of dating through a good marriage and committed relationship.

The main theme of the book is a man’s intrinsic need to take care of his wife. Every man wants to feel important, indispensable and needed his wife. A natural need for men is to be the dominant one. The author refers to this as having a hero instinct. You should constantly remind a man that he is a woman’s hero. Once convinced, he commits for the rest of his life!

After the initial phase of attraction, the book offers suggestions on how to appeal to a man’s psyche sparking his hero drive. It offers “secret” lingo that, in the author’s opinion, has almost miraculous magnetic properties.

To be clear, the book does not provide eerie mind-control techniques to employ on males. The key is for you as a woman to be open and honest with your man about your needs—needs that only he can satisfy. He will be motivated to meet requests as they come up his “Hero Instinct.” Then you have him exclusively.

More about this book

The book provides some enlightening perspectives on the psychology of males. You will find some fascinating aspects of a man’s fundamental nature. It offers thorough guidance that is immediately applicable. It goes beyond just making suggestions. This book’s best quality is that it never leaves room for interpretation.

The writing style is straightforward and easy to understand. No scientific or technical language is used. A wide readership is intended and the writing is simple to read. Thanks to the author, every chapter of the book offer explanations of the topics that are incredibly obvious.

A strong foundation in the study of human psychology serves as the basis for all the concepts and suggestions in the book. The author possesses the qualifications and expertise required. It boosts the book’s confidence. The years of experience Bauer has as a seasoned relationship counsellor add to the insight he gives in his book.

Every piece of information offered in the book can be used in actual circumstances. For example, Bauer claims that the “12-word sentence” won’t come out as cheesy. His advice is uncomplicated. Simple but effective advice. Women who read the book become more self-assured when it comes to dating.

The book has practical suggestions and strategies that can be used in everyday life. Each justification offered for the masculine mentality is backed up solid data. The writing is precise and clear.

Overall, His Secret Obsession is an interesting and instructive read. Women looking for relationships are advised to read it!

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