Mistakes Women Make To Push Men Away

A clinging lady is the one thing that would make any man want to flee. Sure, it’s wonderful to be friendly and let him know you’re thinking about him, but if you treat him like the end all and be all, he’ll begin to feel suffocated. When this occurs, he will draw away in an effort to reclaim his independence.

The worst scenario is when you reveal your feelings for him too soon. Men seek out enjoyment in new relationships, so letting him know that you’re already making plans for your future together would turn him off. It’s important to keep your composure and avoid expressing your feelings too quickly.

Keep in mind that a man will withdraw from a relationship if he believes the woman is expecting more of him than he is willing to provide.

According to studies, 97% of women have body dissatisfaction at least occasionally.

However, it’s never a good idea to display your fears in partnerships. Sure, it’s good to be comfortable enough with your partner to discuss your exercise regimen or your healthy eating habits, but if you keep asking him, “Do these jeans make me seem overweight,” or annoy him whenever an attractive lady approaches him, you’re only doing relationship harm.

There is no turning back once your insecurities start to surface, which is the problem. He’ll be hooked if you show him your happy-go-lucky side rather than pushing him away with your self-doubts.

Pretend that each date you have with your partner is a first because there is no way you would ever let him see this side of you otherwise. Visit this link to view relationship expert Amy North’s free video presentation for more suggestions on how to increase your self-confidence.

Just because you’re joyful when he’s around doesn’t mean that he won’t notice your melancholy when he’s not there. He might even get distant from you if he realises that he is the only thing that makes you happy.

The issue here is that he feels under pressure to keep you happy in this kind of circumstance, and that’s a great burden for anyone! Make the most of your life rather than count on him to keep you happy. Do the activities you enjoy. When you do, your relationship’s entire quality will also be improved in addition to your own happiness.

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