Silence Is a Relationship Killer

Have you noticed or experienced how some couples go into a “silent relationship” without realizing the damage they cause to their relationships? Such people finally need therapy to set things in the right order.

Never disagreeing and remaining quiet is not the right way to express yourself. In fact, you are not being honest in your communication.

It should be understood that not communicating and engaging in peaceful dialogue will only cause the problem to slowly act as a poison in your relationship. Finally, if you don’t read the impending signals, this could only lead to a separation or break up.

Relationship silence. It’s a poison for you and your partner because usually when you’ve reached the point of silence – or shutting down – and just not wanting to deal with your partner in any type of meaningful communicative way…you’re in big trouble and could be headed for a break-up or separation. This is big trouble for both of you because repairing the damage and getting back together is another exercise that will give you more worry and tension.

If you have never engaged in any interesting conversation or had a healthy debate on some subject, which is of interest to both of you, then it signals that you are suffering from silence. You have distanced yourselves and got disconnected. Perhaps one of you has initiated the silence so as to stay away from arguments, criticisms, and blame games.

When you have a healthy debate, or even ending up in an argument it is just a sign that you both are putting your points of view across to each other. It is a way of trying to convince the other your opinion or decision about something. Anyways both of you are trying to lay opinions on the table. At least there is a clear stand from either side and some matter one can ponder upon.

The good news is that there is nothing to worry about as relation silence has a cure. The first step is to start talking. The only challenge is who should start first! If you are afraid to talk to your partner because of what his reaction maybe, then it will get you nowhere. Ask yourself as to what is stopping you. Is it the fear of reprimand, separation, or something else?

Start analyzing what was the argument all about and was it worth it. As the matter settles you find that the argument was of no significance and was unwarranted. However, if the silence has gone beyond the point of no return, then perhaps who needs the involvement of a third person such as a mediator or counselor.

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