Why Finding Love Feels Harder Than Ever

The dating landscape has drastically changed. While online dating offers a wider pool of potential partners, it can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and confused. Here’s a look at 3 factors making it harder to find love:

  • Opportunity Overload: With more options than ever, choice paralysis can set in. Having too many possibilities can make it difficult to settle on someone.
  • Competition: The abundance of choices goes both ways. Both men and women face more competition, leading to heightened expectations and difficulty standing out.
  • The Fantasy Trap: The quest for an unrealistic “perfect” partner can make us overlook great connections in favor of chasing an unachievable ideal.

Break the Cycle and Find Love:

  • Self-Discovery: Knowing your values, desires, and what makes you happy is crucial. This clarity helps you avoid getting caught up in the “greed” of too many options.
  • Resilience: Don’t get discouraged! The abundance of dating opportunities is ultimately a positive thing. Rejection is part of the process, so dust yourself off and keep searching.
  • Embrace Real-Life Connections: While online dating can be helpful, prioritize face-to-face interactions. This allows for a more genuine connection.
  • Take Initiative: Don’t wait for someone to approach you. In the spirit of living life with passion, put yourself out there and make the first move.
  • Confidence is Key: Men appreciate confident women. Belief in yourself and what you bring to the table will make you stand out.
  • Stay Open to Love: Even when it’s tough, maintain a positive outlook on finding love.


Finding lasting love requires self-awareness, resilience, and a willingness to put yourself out there. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of attracting the love you deserve.

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